Romain Barbey

A former PGA Professional, Romain Barbey (35) is a serial entrepreneur, investor and golf philanthropist.
In 2008, established at PGA National and coached by Donny Lee (PGA Tour Coach) he turned professional joining both Ledbetter Golf Academy & Dave Pelz Putting Academy in West Palm Beach, FL.

In 2010, acquiring expertise and knowledge from Dave Pelz Putting Academy he Co-Founded Valedictorian, a luxury golf equipment company, dedicated and specialized in crafting golf putters, which he successfully established as one of the most wanted brand in Japan and Russia.

Denis Kudinov

Two years ago I came back to Switzerland and met Romain. He asked me if I could help him to organize a distribution of Valedictorian putters in Russia and I said, “Yes” and at the end of the golfing season in Russia he asked me if I would want to become a partner in Valedictorian.

Now golf for me is not just a sport or passion, it’s a way of life. Which allows me to travel across the world and play the most beautiful courses, meet with the professional Tour players and the most important with people who share the same passion for golf as I do. I love my job as its really easy to sell something that people desire from the moment they take it in their hands!


In this brand new exclusive segment of Golf equipment, Valedictorian is the pioneer. Valedictorian draws from a century old Swiss watchmaking tradition to create the ultimate putting experience. This new “Swiss made” brand uses only the best materials to craft unique performance and luxury putters The birth of this new brand stems from the imagination of the three talented and complementary founders. A watch designer designer and a watch maker with each more than a decade of experience in the Swiss watchmaking industry, have joined forces with one of the best professional tour golf player in Switzerland.


Valedictorian putters combine a century old tradition of watch making savoir-faire with the professionalism and the understanding of the golf game. The outcome of this ingenious alliance is what makes Valedictorian the ultimate performance and luxury putter. A brand founded on three crucial values: Performance, Elegance and Uniqueness. The innovative concept and design of Valedictorian putters deliver unrivaled feel and balance. Valedictorian strives in the art of crafting priceless putters for the admiration and recognition of the best and most demanding players in the sport. VALEDICTORIAN® is exclusively focused on crafting putters delivering ultimate performance, feel and balance. Following a custom-made approach every creation gives you the ability to customize your own putter. Every putter is a “Swiss Made” limited edition with a certificate of authenticity, on which your name or Initials are engraved for your ultimate satisfaction